The Q Café Company

The Q Café Company was established in 1999 by Breda Quigley, Managing Director, with the objective of bringing a high-class café style environment into a select market. We are a 100% privately owned catering company that has developed a reputation for delivering excellent standards in modern and innovative food offers through a great service.

At Q Café, we are proud of our Irish ownership and we are committed to providing customers with the highest quality seasonal Irish produce, even where the cost of Irish or locally sourced products differs from imported alternatives. The company employs 150 people and we operate nationwide. The company’s core values are built around serving great food.

Our core values are:
Passion: We are passionate about our food, people and delivery of superior service.
Integrity: We act with integrity and honour demonstrating honesty and fairness in every action we take.
Innovation: We pursue new creative ideas, anticipate change and capitalise on opportunities that arise.
Motivation: We celebrate success, recognising and rewarding the achievements of individuals and teams.
Empowering People: We empower our talented people to take initiative, give their best and make valued decisions.
Community and Environment: We strive to help and improve the community where we work and live in. We are committed to protecting the environment.

Q Cafe Co Key On Site Team Members

Above: Some of Q Café Company key on site team members led by Managing Director, Breda Quigley and Head of Operations Laura Olson.

Dimensions of CSR we engage in are:

Cystic Fibrosis Ireland is the charity partner of The Q Café Company. Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is very close to the heart of Managing Director Breda Quigley. We began fundraising for CF Ireland upon the birth of her Godson, Fionn, who was diagnosed with CF. Eighteen years later we are still going strong! We promote awareness of CF in all of our sites while all charitable donations go to CF Ireland.

VHI women’s mini marathon: Q Café ladies took on the VHI Women’s Mini Marathon in aid of Cystic Fibrosis Ireland and their 1 in 1000 Campaign. The Q Cafe Company recruited and ran with a great team of 9 this year. A hot, humid day left our ladies tired and lethargic however all in great spirits!

Q Bake off: Many of our Q Cafe Company Restaurants partook in the Q Bake Off with many a hidden talent for baking being discovered. An outstanding number of customers entered their cakes and bakes in the Q Bake Off! We are delighted to say that the total raised was a fantastic €1,900, with much more raised for the preferred charities of some of our clients!

We have an environment strategy that is implemented across the company. The Q Café Company and its staff are committed to protecting and enhancing the environment for future generations.

Overview of Strategy and Action Plan.
· An Environmental Team was formed in 2008 to help incorporate environmental management into our everyday business operations
· The focus of the team has been on raising awareness among staff and running the business more efficiently with less waste and strong emphasis on recycling.
· Promote continuous improvement in our own performance by setting and reviewing environmental targets.
· To train and educate all employees in the skills and knowledge necessary to attain our environmental targets and goals.
· The Q Café Company is now ISO 14001 approved

Social, Ethical and Environmental Procurement
· Local and Irish suppliers will be used where possible to provide food and products used throughout the business operations.
· Use a maximum supply of Eco Friendly cleaning products throughout the business.

· We review the environmental attributes of raw materials and make environmental sustainability a key requirement in the selection of ingredients for new products and services.

· Promote the use of recycled materials.
· Use Recycled paper for bags, refuse sacks and napkins.
· Return all cardboard packaging to suppliers.
· Reduce paper/ cardboard packaging in food supplies.
· Food delivered in bulk and reusable containers.

Cooking Oils
· Employ only registered company to collect and dispose of cooking oils.

· Change attitude towards the efficient use of water is one of our key environmental issues especially in the context of global warnings.
· We recommend water saving fixtures to food preparation sinks, pot wash sinks and wash hand basins. Pre-spray water facilities are in place on all sites.

Healthy Eating Policy & QWellness programme: It is The Q Café Company’s policy to provide health and wellbeing in food within all aspects of service through our health drive, QWellness. The Q Café Company established QWellness as a health and wellbeing initiative to promote balanced, natural food. Our menus are centred on providing a balanced nutritious diet in which we highlight healthy options with our QWellness logo. We look to remove the stigma of ‘healthy food’ though the use of the term Wellness or Wellbeing. Here we promote what the customer can eat every day on our menus as opposed to what they cannot eat. Delicious, tasteful dishes that suit a universal audience are paramount for QWellness. As such, we have empowered our Executive Chef to develop dishes to inspire and guide all in The Q Café Company. We allow all our chefs autonomy to create balanced menus, however where needed our Executive Chef is there to provide creative direction. The Q Café Company have employed Wellbeing Coach, who provides motivation seminars in health and weight-loss, relaxation and stress reducing workshops to mention but a few. We seek to provide a holistic form of health and wellbeing to generate positivity, productivity and health among our customers and employees.

Customers enjoying a free workout provided by Q Cafe Co

 Above: Customers enjoying a free workout provided by Q Café Company Wellness Development Manager and Personal Trainer, Leah Moore.

Marketplace / Supply Chain:
Our approach to food is simple – we select the best product from the best local suppliers. Our menu range is compiled using the most seasonal ingredients delivered daily. In each of our kitchens the team hand- make everything with love and a flare for food. We do not prescribe or allow the use of any products made with ingredients containing preservatives or additives.
Buying locally is our way of giving back to the economy and supporting the community. As an Irish company, we have the power to support farmers in each region, protect local land, and build rural economies. We pride ourselves on supporting local farms and business owners and in turn, making our customers happy. Our local suppliers of fish ensure their stocks are from sustainable sources, while all beef and lamb is from local Irish farms. We strive to bring new, high quality snack products to our business. Using artisan suppliers we support our own homemade products and wellness programme. We support producers such as Dublin based Bella Bites (nee Boost Bites), ProU Yoghurt (Wexford), Wild Orchard Lemonade (Limerick) in entering national awards (Boost Bites winners of Best Grab & Go Healthy Snack ICQFA Awards 2016).

Impact of CSR Activities
The impact on undertaking CSR initiatives for The Q Café Company has being immense, in an industry where staff turnover is traditionally high, The Q Café maintains a low staff turnover and we put the loyalty of our teams down to our core values of Passion, Integrity, Innovation, Motivation, Empowering People and Community and Environment.

Our strategy has also allowed us to grow our business with many contracts having been won because of our commitment to Wellness within our business. We have also retained many of our clients due to our investment in our Wellness programme.

Sourcing and developing our partnerships with local and artisan suppliers has also helped us to grow our business as more of our clients wish to support their own local communities and businesses.

Case Study courtesy of The Q Café Company