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Articles on Corporate Social Responsibility

Brands are using social media to reach #consciousconsumers, TreeHugger, 22nd Dec 2016 

CSR Grows in 2016 as Companies Embrace Employees’ Values, Huffington Post, 15th Dec 2016 

Consumers are poised to punish irresponsible companies; investors see CSR as 'marker' for financial integrity, PRNewswire, 5th Dec  2016

Being a socially conscience business doesn't have to be costly – it's for both big and small players by Anne Cooney, ESB, Fora, 18th Sept 2016

What Aristotle Can Teach Firms about CSR, Harvard Business Review12th Sept 2016

5 Ways to Improve your Companies Corporate Social Responsibility, Performance PH, 8th Sept 2016

Diversity in the Workplace: An inclusive and diverse workplace benefits both a company and its employees, The Irish Times, Jul 1st 2016 

Discussing CSR with Tina Roche, CEO of BITCI, Cork Chamber of Commerce (PDF), 2016

Just focusing on economic growth is not sustainable, The Irish Times, 30th May 2016

Corporate giving: do Irish companies make the effort?, The Irish Times, 23rd Oct 2015

Social Responsibility as a Startup Launchpad: A Look Into CSR and Entrepreneurship, The Huffington Post, 14th Sept 2015

These are the reasons why every business should think about sustainability, The, 21st Mar 2015

When It Comes to CSR, Size Matters, Forbes, 14th August 2013

Six Reasons Companies Should Embrace CSR, Forbes, 12th Feb 2012

How SMEs can engage in social responsibility programmes, The Guardian, 5 December 2011

How going green can be a boon to corporate recruiters, Fortune, 2nd June 2011