• Gas Networks Ireland: Primary school STEM education programmes

    Primary school STEM education programmes – Our Universe (2015-2018) and Energize (2018-), in partnership with Junior Achievement Ireland.

  • William Fry support Incognito initiative as part of their Making a Difference in the Community activities

    We have a long history of giving back to our local community in the form of corporate donations, fundraising, volunteering and pro bono, and recognise CSR as an area of increasing importance to our clients, our staff and our community. These stakeholders are increasingly calling upon us to use our innovative and solutions-based business approach to address issues of sustainability. Our support of Incognito enabled us to engage in an innovative fundraising campaign which has offered our staff a wide variety of volunteering opportunities – from contributing original artwork, to volunteering time, to offering expertise and upskilling – with a real focus on leveraging our skill and knowledge to create capacity and longer-term impact for the Jack & Jill Children's Foundation.

  • RTÉ targets the elimination of single use plastic from Donnybrook site

    As part of RTÉ’s ongoing sustainability strategy, we set a target to eliminate single use plastics from restaurant operations on our Donnybrook site. The project emerged as a target from discussions within RTÉ’s Green Broadcaster Advisory Group.

  • 3fe Coffee Ltd.

    We have a company-wide project engaging in the circular economy, whether through inventive solutions to food waste at the cafes, or finding new uses for industrial waste at the roastery.

  • ‘Voxgro’ Garden Initiative at Voxpro

    Voxpro – powered by TELUS International, is a global provider of customer experience solutions to the world’s leading technology companies, including Airbnb, Google and Nest. The company employs over 3,500 team members based in seven centres of excellence across Europe, the US and Asia; 1,800 team members work from Voxpro’s HQ in Cork.

  • KPMG Ireland - Corporate Citizenship

    At KPMG we believe in Corporate Citizenship. It is at the heart of all great organisations, and we are committed to making a real difference to the communities in which we operate. All organisations have responsibility to their people, their clients and societies. We believe a real commitment to Corporate Citizenship unites an organisation, strengthens its reputation and creates vital links with the communities in which it operates. We want our employees to be part of this effort and actively get involved in community activities that will ultimately make a real positive impact on society.

  • Keystone Procurement

    Keystone Procurement is a specialised procurement advisory business established in 2014. Our aim is to be innovative in the solutions that we propose to clients.Our ethos when it comes to inclusive employment is that we do not have a specific policy, it is just what we do. Culture is what you do every day, it is in our nature to treat staff equally and to embrace diversity.

  • Microsoft Business Mentoring Programme

    A business mentoring programme (phase 2) was established in October 2017 between 12 Senior Executives from Microsoft Ireland and 12 Enterprise Ireland and Local Enterprise Office client companies.

  • IBM - Addressing the SDGs through Skills Based Volunteering

    Global business has a unique role in advancing the United Nations’ 2017 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). While these goals, ranging from ending poverty to protecting our planet, were developed by governments, governments alone cannot achieve them. Partnerships with the business community are essential. That is why several years ago, IBM became a founding member of IMPACT 2030, a global, private sector-led collaboration dedicated to mobilising corporate volunteers in service to advance the achievement of the SDGs.

  • SAP in partnership with BITCI Skills @ Work initiative

    SAP equips students to thrive with Skills @ Work programme. At SAP, our purpose is to help the world run better and improve people’s lives. Core to this, is our corporate social responsibility mission, to equip young people with the skills they need to thrive in the digital economy.