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Tico Mail Works: Supporting Work/Life Balance

Tico Mail Works: Supporting Work/Life Balance

Tico Mail Works

Work/Life balance is an important aspect of the Workplace pillar of CSR and one that is relevant to businesses of all sizes. It is particularly important in enabling gender diversity in the workplace.

Tico Mail Works is an SME specializing in bulk mail fulfilment with 41 staff members based in Sandyford, Dublin 18. They have made work/life balance and supporting their staff a cornerstone of their approach to CSR and have achieved a near 50/50 gender mix.

According to Alex Pigot, CEO and managing director of Tico Mail Works a person's work life "must fit with one’s home life and not the other way around". He explains further: "It’s why, in my company, I have some unusual work practices which include that each person who works here has a buddy who can also do their work should that person be sick, on holidays or have some other life event which they need to attend to."

As well as ensuring production and customer orders are not disrupted this “Buddy System” reduces stress for staff and increases flexibility when it comes to taking leave. The company also has a 6-month leave of absence program for employees who wish to take a career break.

According to Pigot the various initiatives Tico Mail Works has in place to support staff seem to be working. "We have good levels of staff retention. Our staff stay with us; those that leave have a tendency to return after working elsewhere."

Tico Mail Works is one of a number of businesses who know the value of investing in their staff to ensure that they become an employer of choice.

Staff retention is one of the key benefits of CSR to an organisation. According to a study conducted by the Center for America Progress in the US, the cost of losing an employee is estimated to be approximately 20% of their salary and can be up to 213% of the salary for a highly trained position1. A report carried out by Oxford Economics in the UK found that that replacing members of staff costs employers an average of £30,614 (€36,087) per employee2.

Costs include lost productivity while a replacement employee gets up to speed and the logistical cost of recruiting and absorbing a new worker. At Tico Mail Works some of these cost savings are passed on to staff as the company operates a profit sharing scheme through which all employees receive a bonus based on the businesses profits.


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